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Sep 29, 2021

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Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just Potential Market Manipulation

Listing Alert Newsletter 9/29/21

Welcome to your weekly source of real estate news, where we break down 3 big stories from this week’s real estate news. This week we’re doing something different.

We’re stepping away from some of the serious news this week to focus on some “spirited” stories!

- The Conjuring house is for sale

- The agent that went viral on TikTok

Jump Scares to Last a Lifetime

Real Talk:

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a piece of movie history, especially if you or your clients are big horror movie fans. The sellers have set up a great business opportunity as well by creating a short-term rental. You may just have to let the spirits get used to the new ownership.

The Viral TikTok about Company Z

Las Vegas agent Sean Gotcher talks about how iBuyers have the potential to manipulate the market in their favor. If you look in the comments, you’ll see people pointing out 2 companies that they suspect do this: Zillow and Redfin.

Both Zillow and Redfin responded in different ways. Zillow gave a statement to Inman, and Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman took to Twitter. Both essentially said they would never use their data and influence to manipulate markets, especially since iBuyers are only 1% of the U.S. home sales market.

Real Talk:

The fight between the TikTokagent and iBuyer is in full swing. Agents and consumers should keep in mind what Gotcherbrings to light. The ease of iBuyers is great, but your clients will potentially net more selling with you rather than with an iBuyer.

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We’re Getting Back Out There!

We’ll be in Nashville October 18–19 with real estate coach Jared James for his event, Jared James Advance. Are you going?

The following week, we’ll be at Inman Connect Las Vegas! This one is huge for us: we were nominated for Inman Innovator of The Year! We’re thrilled to be attending and to have the opportunity to be recognized by Inman for our innovation and thoughtful technology. Look out for the Listing Alert booth and stop by to meet the people who power our app!