Tech The Halls: Finding The Right Tools For The New Year

Listing Alert
3 min readNov 22, 2022


As the year winds down, many brokerages are looking to find the right tech tools to help take their teams to the next level in 2023. With so many brokerages using office whiteboards, email chains and Facebook groups to pre-market their listings, many are looking to upgrade their process to something more streamlined and convenient.

Technology is ever-changing, and real estate tech is no exception. Data shows that 97% of buyers use the internet to look for homes at one point, and less than 1% of future homeowners used physical media (newspapers, books or magazines) to find properties and information about home buying.

With agents and consumers adapting to technologies such as online property selling platforms, social media and apps, tech companies are shifting to meet this increasing need for tech in the real estate industry. Listing Alert is one of the companies created to serve the demand: with the ever increasing WFH lifestyle, fewer people are in the office to check out the whiteboard. Listing Alert condenses your brokerage’s pre-MLS listings all in one place to better serve your clients, while staying NAR compliant.

“I wish I had a tool like Listing Alert to have for our agents at that time. It just makes total sense. to be able to have the information in an instant,” says Javier Cavazos, who joined the Listing Alert team after spending 2 decades in the real estate industry.

But finding the best solution to meet your brokerage’s needs can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring your team is on board! Here are some things to consider:

Is my next solution mobile-friendly?

Accessibility is key. Whatever tech your agents adopt, it should be easy to use no matter where they are. In this day and age of little to no office time, it’s crucial that agents can take advantage of your tech while at an open house, working at home or in between showings.

What if my team doesn’t like change?

We get it, change is hard! But the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to updating your process, whether that’s taking your “coming soon” listings digital or streamlining your internal communication. Plus, agents are always looking for ways to better their client experience, and they want to stay at a brokerage that can provide the tools needed to create happy clients and more deals. Incorporating the latest tech into your office is a proven way to attract and retain your top talent.

I’d love to have more digital tools, but my team is not tech-savvy!

Nowadays, apps and software geared toward specific industries are much easier to navigate. As part of your vetting process, check reviews and talk to people who already use the tech you’re looking to adopt, and learn how they integrated it into their brokerage. Get a demo of the product and test it for yourself to make sure it’s something that can be easily adopted by even your most technology challenged agent. Intuitiveness in the app is important so that everyone will have an easy and stress-free training and transitioning experience. And with the right support and buy-in from your team leads, the transition to this new tech can go smoothly for your entire office!

With more technology geared toward real estate created every day, it’s worth it to invest in new software to stay competitive. Once you find something that suits your brokerage perfectly, you’ll wonder why you waited so long in the first place!



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