The Exponential Growth a Connection can Offer: Girard’s Rule of 250

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2 min readJan 11, 2022


You need to understand this rule to make more money in 2022.

You know more people than you think. And those people know someone who knows someone who knows someone… you get it. And we’re all affected by the interactions we have with one another.

So if you have one sour interaction with one of your connections or a new person you meet, it could result in souring the day of many other people.

In real estate, one negative experience could mean the difference between many referrals or none.

So for 2022, remember this one rule when interacting with potential clients: Girard’s Rule of 250.

Popularized by Joe Girard and brought back to life in the book To Sell is Human, the rule is simple: everybody knows about 250 people who directly influence their lives and opinions.

Since Girad debuted his rule, that number has skyrocketed with social media Think about all of your interactions online and in real life with clients, friends, friends of friends — your impact is huge.

This is also where the importance of asking for referrals comes in. Let’s say your seller is married — that means they collectively know 500 people who may be looking to buy or sell. And it grows exponentially from there.

The takeaway? Don’t let your relationships go to waste. Ask for referrals, follow up, and stay connected. Eventually, someone they know will be looking to buy or sell, and if you did your job correctly, they’ll go to you first.

At your next open house, remember: for every person who walks through the door, 250 more people are right behind them. Start building a positive relationship to be there when those connections are ready to buy or sell.



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