When Manifesting Isn’t Enough

Listing Alert
2 min readAug 25, 2022


As agents, you do everything you can to provide the best service for your clients. You quickly respond to their texts, educate them on the buying process — even help them create a vision board to manifest their home.

Oh, you don’t do the vision board thing? In case you missed it, some of today’s more “energetic” agents are using the “laws of attraction” to help their clients land their dream home.

While manifesting certainly doesn’t hurt, we can think of other ways to better support your clients on this journey. Listing Alert is one example; it’s a great tool that can give you and your clients a competitive edge. Here’s how:

Give your buyers access to pre-market listings

For many brokerages, communication is decentralized. Agents are (rarely) in and (mostly) out of the office, and they don’t always hear about the “coming soon” properties within their brokerage. Listing Alert sends you instant notifications so you immediately get the details of the newest listings, giving your clients an edge in finding the right home.

Get instantly matched with exclusive listings

In addition to instant notifications on pre-market properties, Listing Alert’s algorithm automatically matches buyers to any properties that fit their wants and needs. This streamlines communication and helps you move faster for your clients.

Listing Alert helps sellers, too!

Our app also helps sellers by ensuring their home is market-ready. Pre-marketing your listing through Listing Alert gets it “market ready” and can save marketing dollars when it hits the MLS. When you enter the listing, you’ll get feedback and see if the property is priced right — and when the listing does go live, it’s not stale and will have already piqued interest among your team!

Listing Alert is one of many tools in your agent toolbox that can help your clients in today’s market. But if you really want to be sure you’re doing everything you can, just add a pair of scissors to your toolbox and be ready to help them with their vision board.



Listing Alert

Listing Alert brings instant communication through an easy-to-use mobile app, seamlessly connecting all agents inside your brokerage.