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Sep 20, 2021

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Why Millennials Can’t Buy a Home?

Listing Alert Weekly Newsletter — 9/17/21

Welcome to your weekly source of real estate news, where we break down 3 big stories from this week’s real estate news.

DOJ Still Probing NAR for Potential Antitrust Allegations

Back in July, the DOJ backed out of a settlement with NAR regarding buyer commissions and the Clear Cooperation Policy rules instituted by NAR. However, days after withdrawing, the DOJ sent NAR a request for documents pertaining to the two rules. Now, NAR has submitted a petition to force the DOJ to comply with the previous arrangement.

Go to College or Buy a House?

Millennials are having a difficult time buying homes thanks to the student loans they picked up while in college. 60% of millennials say student loans have kept them from buying a home.

Compass Takes Another Step Toward End-to-End Real Estate

Compass has now acquired three title and escrow companies this year. This time, in one of the largest US metros: North Texas. After this acquisition, Compass will have title and escrow services in California; Texas; Washington, D.C.; Maryland; Florida; and Washington State.